Medicaid Estate Recovery – The Secret to Saving the Family Estate

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Hi there, my name is Donna Harris and yes, I am a real daughter caring for my 92 year old mother. And yes, I was told by the social worker from the hospital who asked me if I would like to get paid for taking care of mom after she came home from the hospital because she was told she could not live alone any longer. We were also told that MEDICAID probably would not try and recover the family estate after mom’s passing because the house had been put in all the children’s names about 20 years ago.

Well, the social worker didn’t have all the facts, which there was no way he could. When you are dealing with an overwhelming situation you may forget half of what is important at the time to check out.

We had forgotten that my older sister’s share was given to her husband after her death, so therefore my former brother-in-law and his new wife was also on the deed to the house. After many month’s of struggle removing them from our family estate, my brother-in-law finally transferred his share of the house BUT put it back into my mother’s name to complicate things and therefore the Medicaid Estate Recovery would complicate the division of the house by merely by mom being involved with a portion of the house.

In my journey of investigating what the outcome would be for me since I have been here with mom for over 7 years of my life caring for mom, I accidentally found out the steps that Medicaid does not want us to know. It took many hours of countless searching to put together a plan for myself so I would not be out on the street at the time of my mother’s passing.

Sometimes the rules can be waived and I have figured out the steps to do this. I did it and I am in the process right now of putting the steps together in an E-BOOK to help others do the same and I will have it up soon. Your parents don’t have to lose everything they have worked hard to save for their future from devastating nursing home and caregiving costs. Stay tuned. It will be out soon.


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